About Me


C’était le branle-bas de combat:

Il fallu lui lécher les bottes

Depuis les orteils jusqu’à la glotte.

It’s cute and Japanese. It does not need a purpose.

What the fcuk are we doing sitting? Let’s dance!

No minority by the end of the decade!

Ylang smell and sprinkled freckles,

Warm hands and a smile -

Awaken sleepyness.


A forest trail after the rain

The smell of spring

The smell of bitter cold

Number 19

Iris concrete

Orange flower 

I love to invent and to create.

I make fragrances.

I cook from scratch for better, longer living.

I run for health and mental sanity.

Dancing makes me incredibly happy.

I love a lot, I get mad sometimes and I’m passionate about many things.

I should read more.

I am loving more and more being in Nature.

I have recently been discovering that meditation has amazing powers.

Take me with you

  1. -the G-cans in Tokyo 

(we need someone who speaks Japanese though)

  1. -canoeing the fjords in Scandinavia

- to Tierra del Fuego. Hiking.